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Chamfer grinding machine 72/852

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The machine is suitable for chamfering of squared mono- or multi crystalline silicon work pieces in the format of 125 x 125 mm and 156 x 156 mm with two parallelly arranged grinding aggregates (2x combined pre- and fine grinding).


edge grinding of chamfers 45°

fully automatic machine concept

adaptive Grinding Process Control

fully automatic pneumatic clamping and centring of work piece

automatic edge detection and adjustment of grinding tools with

block length detection for optimized cycle time by using

high-resolution measuring systems

equipped with two loading areas for manual and fully automatic

loading, for instance via industrial robot

detection and evaluation of work piece specific quality data after

grinding, for instance size of chamfer, chippings and unground

chamfer sections

automatic wheel correction

high process stability

high machine availability  97% acc. to SEMI E10

high throughput even when a high removal is achieved by using

2 combined pre- and fine grinding wheels