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Surface grinding machine 72/860

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The 72/860 is suitable for grinding of the lateral surfaces of squared mono- and multi crystalline silicon work pieces  with four parallelly arranged grinding aggregates (2x pre- and 2x fine grinding). Work piece lengths of 180 up to 1000 mm can be processed.


highly flexible machine concept for mono & multi Si

fully automatic machine concept

adaptive Grinding Process Control

automatic change of work piece format (125/156)

equipped with two loading zones for manual and fully automatic

loading, for instance with the  help of anindustrial robot

geometric correction by parallel arrangement of grinding


very high repeatability

fully automatic pneumatic clamping and centering of work piece

squared ingot/brick can be processed without preparation

automatic wheel correction

high process stability

high machine availability  97% acc. to SEMI E10

automatic adjustment of grinding tools with block detection for

optimized cycle time by using high-resolution measuring systems

detection and evaluation of the work piece specific quality data after

grinding, for instance geometric measures, angularity etc.

high throughput, even when a high removal is achieved by using 4

grinding disks and separate pre- and fine grinding processes



arithmetical surface roughness Ra <= 0,1 µm¹

average surface roughness Rz <= 1,0 µm¹

geometric toleranzes +/-0,05 mm by process capability index


angularity 90° +/-0,05°



cycle time <= 7,9 minutes (incl. loading, truning and unloading)

rough size 157,00mm x 157,00mm x 300mm

(width x height x length)

final size 156,00mm x 156,00mm x 300mm

(width x height x length)