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Grid Parity through Automation

Efficient wafer production already starts within the brick manufacturing process. Automated manufacturing processes are the basis for reproducible production quality, a high production volume as well as reduction of material losses and is as consequence the main driver to reduce production costs.  
ARNOLD is the leading manufacturer of automated production systems for processing mono and multi crystalline silicon bricks. Flexible and intelligent manufacturing centres for fully automated brick production are counted among the core competences.

ARNOLD offers a modular system concept of process machines and manufacturing automation – everything from one source:

grinding and cutting machines with fully automated  manufacturing processes and outstanding process stability
robot-based handling systems for automatic loading and unloading of the process machines
robotic brick glueing systems including fully automated assembly of silicon bricks on wire saw beams
conveyor systems for automated brick transportation to the individual machine centres
100% quality monitoring of all bricks produced for continuous recording of brick geometry, SiC-inclusions as well as carrier-lifetime
intelligent process supervisory control for a precise acquisition  and analysis of production and quality related data.

Assure your competitive ability by integrated automation solutions made by ARNOLD. You will benefit from the following advantages:

significant improvement of material balance (= yield) in production process by
- smooth handling of silicon bricks via robot systems – reduced handling losses
- individual and accurate brick positioning within the cropping saw – based on brick quality data measurements - to cut out
■ - defective brick zones for recycling purposes
- reduction of wafer breakage within the wire saw due to reproducible glueing process
additional cost savings can be achieved by
- considerable reduction of labour costs
- miniumum 50% savings of adhesive material
- optimal machine utilization during a continuous 24 hour operation
possibility for a self-driven and continuous optimization of the production process by means of systematic process- and quality
■ - data analysis tools


The ARNOLD customers trust in competence and 20 years of experience in automated process solutions for brick manufacturing.




Process control

The ARNOLD central computer system is specialized in coordinating all production clusters in block processing centres. The advantage is that all available measuring information (for instance lifetime, SiC-inclusions, block geometry) will be evaluated directly in the production centre, so an anticipatory, loss-optimized cut planning during cropping is possible.


Furthermore it is possible to collect and evaluate construction-part specific data from pre-located and downstream production systems, in order to optimize the whole process. Additionally the central computer includes software tools for foresighted maintenance and service planning.


The central computer system consists of a SQL-organized data base as well as an HMI-server system for data input and output, as well as visualization of plant and operating conditions according to SEMI E10 standard. An appealing graphical user interface enables an intuitive navigation through the production cluster along the material flow.


Search functions enable the component-specific tracing of measuring-, process- and production data during the whole process. A visualization of production information is possible on plant level but also on remote PCs in office surroundings, so one can for instance analyse the information on technological and planning level.


Naturally a central linking of the individual production clusters/machines with the MES/ERP systems via standardized SECS/GEM, XML, OPC or other interfaces is possible. It is an advantage that a complete functionality of the processing centre is possible, without a MES-connection, including the securing of all production- and process data.



Arnold Remote Production Anlayse Tool ? ARPAT ? for optimisation of your production

The unique ARNOLD-Remote-Produktion-Analysis-Tool