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New ways to intuitively, process-oriented machine programming


Do you want to easily program your machine in the future by using Drag & Drop like a smart phone of new generation? Are you tired of being very limited in your application to the respective product with your currently available production machinery due to the often fix programmed and individually adjusted sequence? Or can’t you even easily and simply carry out modifications in the control if you are having been aware of the latest findings in relation to an optimization of the production process?


You can now very easily and quickly close this gap with the software AEPSPLUS. With AEPSPLUS you can freely programmable access and program existing hardware without great efforts. The limitation of the performance of your machines is not caused by the hardware, but only by the applied control.


AEPSPLUS can be installed to any commercially available PC and establishes the communication to the machine control system (PLC) via a standard network connection. The literal creation of the fully-automatic program sequences is then carried out via Drag & Drop.


Here, from a defined tool box (picture, left hand column) the symbol for the individually to be accessed hardware is selected and moved to the desired program step (picture, right hand column) and then parameterized.




Here please find a summary of advantages for the use of AEPSPLUS:


Creation or modification of program sequences without external software engineer

■ No issue of internal process Know-How

■ High flexibility and independency

■ Very short response time at urgently required adjustments of process parameters

■ Very large cost savings


Intuitive graphical machine programming via Drag & Drop

■ No programming skills of the plant operators / process specialists are needed

■ Creating new / modifying existing program operations in the shortest time possible without training


Sequence programming is carried out on commercially available Notebook / PC

■ Theoretically infinite number of program sequences can be created

■ Creating a backup of redundant processes to external media are possible

■ Only the desired program sequence is transferred into the machine



By means of the use of AEPSPLUS, technical possibilities to each individual machine can much more effectively be applied as hereby very easily and quickly modifications in the sequence can be implemented thus new findings at the process optimization can be implemented more effectively. Moreover, the entire machine hardware is made freely available to the operator / process specialist.


Consequently, the machine potential can be fully practiced. Based on the intuitive operation, the focal point is no longer the literal machine programming, but the production process comes to the fore.


Please feel cordially invited to visit us in Weilburg if you:

■ may require any additional information

■ you are interested in a live demonstration of AEPSPLUS

■ if you think about concrete applications in your product portfolio




Demo version


Try out AEPSPLUS with machine simulation and download th demo version here.

Accompanying this is a brief introduction on our Youtube channel as a video tutorial.



Lars Gloger

+49 (0)6471 9394 202






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Testen Sie noch heute AEPSPLUS mit Maschinensimulation und laden Sie sich Ihre Demoversion hier herunter.



Lars Gloger

Leiter Softwareentwicklung / Head of software development

+49 (0)6471 9394 202