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Phases of the electro configuration
(for new machines and retrofit projects)

1. Control systems
ARNOLD designs control systems on the basis of customer’s requests respectively under consideration of project related necessary features. This, of course, also includes the support to the customer during selection of the required components.

2. Security system
Based on the functionality and the operating concept of the machine under consideration of the performance level determined in the risk assessment, the components for the security system are selected and implemented into the safety control.

3. Drawing up the circuit documentation
by means of E-CAD System Eplan P8, Version 2.2.

By means of the Eplan P8 the following documentation is created:
Block diagram
Construction plan mounting plate
Cable plan
E/A List
Terminal Construction plan
Parts list
Summary parts list (Order list)

To be able to use the readout of the parts lists by means of the Eplan, the necessary electro components are integrated in a customer-specific article master file or, if already available, the customer-own article master file is used or supplemented.

4. Switchboard climatisation
After power loss determination of the components contained in the switchboard, the selection of the necessary switchboard climatisation is carried out by means of the calculation programme RiTherm.

5. Issuing labelling files and terminal construction plans
For terminals made by company Phönix, the Eplan data terminals can be put out by using the planning tool Clip Project into a comfortable terminal construction order list.
Also by using Clip Project, the automatic output of component label files for the use with a marking plotter can be effected.
Alternatively the creation of circuit documents in Eplan 5.70 and Caddy++ is possible, however not all above described features can be used.

6. Documentation
Supply of documentation generated under Eplan and revised after commissioning.
Verification of the necessary Performance Level by means of the Pilz safety calculators PAScal


Support to the customer during electro technical problems
Support of the sales department at spare parts inquiries
Disposal of spare parts

E-CAD System:

Eplan P8
Eplan 5.x

Calculation program for the Perfomance Level of safety controls:
Pilz Pascal

Software for terminal construction planning:

Phoenix Contact planning

Software for component labelling printers:
Phoenix Contact marking