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Setting bench marks

Company Arnold not only excels by modern engineering and innovative technologies, but also by more than six centuries experience in the construction of glass working lathes and burners.


We are planning, constructing and implementing machines on site with ideally matched components, convincing by high output and excellent end product quality thus company Arnold became the leader in the glass and silicon processing technology. Functionality, availability and economy do form the central role.


By means of our quality standard, we are partner of our customers and do convince by first-class service. Particularly important for us is the comprehensive technical advice, one of our particular strengths.



Our key competences in the field of the mechanical construction:

Analysis and Advice
Planning and Project Management
Development, Construction, Detailing
Commissioning and Production follow-up


SYP31000 with 1000 mm spindle bore

ARNOLD lathe SYP31000 with 1000 mm spindle bore



Phases of the Mechanical Construction


1. Conception
Drawing up the concept of the plant and machinery

2. Kick off
Handing over customer’s order incl. specification by the sales department to Project Management and Construction.

3. Concept improvement
Drawing up the concept of the plant and machinery

4. Drawing up the fine specification
Split up the structure of the plant and machinery to the Mechanical Construction into the corresponding manufacturing components. Categorization of the machine into the single manufacturing components with explanation of the requirements and the customer targets to be kept.

5. Drawing up the rough layout

6. Drawing up the schedule
Draw up the schedule by the Machine Construction Department and forward same to the Work Preparation Department to incorporate same into the production plan.

7. Construction

7.1 Layout, create drafts and, if necessary, obtain customer’s approval
7.2 Create models
7.3 Detailing components
7.4 Examine documentation and release

8. Forwarding to the Purchasing Department (orders) und to the Work Preparation Department (manufacturing parts)