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High-capacity hand torch Q 141/5

Surface mix

Item number: Q 141/5


For highest demands on purity: Burners with burner heads made of quartz glass. High-capacity hand torch, surface mix, especially suitable for the operation with hydrogen and oxygen, for processing quartz glass.



feeding tubes and needle valves made of brass

interchangeable burner head completely made of quartz glass

burner head protection made of stainless steel sheet



no metallic abrasion

concentrated, homogeneous flame

high heating capacity

low-noise working method

also useable for natural gas and propane


Upon request it is possible to supply the burners in special length!





Q 141/5.1 WS

Same execution as no. Q 141/5 WS, hoever without burner head.


SSQ 141/5 WS

Same execution as no. Q 141/5 WS, however,

feeding tubes and needle valves made of stainless steel.


SSQ 141/5.1 WS

Same execution as no. SSQ 141/5 WS, however without burner head.


For further details please refer to the table.

Technical Details


Pinch screwing gasDia. 8 mm
Pinch screwing O2Dia. 8 mm
Middle distance of connections25 mm
Gland dia. gas for hose9 mm
Gland dia. for O2 for hose6 mm
Pre pressure gas1-1,5 bar
Pre-pressure for O21,5-2 bar
Max. gas flow rate2,6 m3/h
Max O2 flow rate1,25 m3/h
Capacity7,8 KW
Length between burner and handleapprox. 240 mm
Weight2,1 kg

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