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High-capacity bench burner Q 126/5

Surface mix

Item number: Q 126/5


High-capacity bench burner especially suitable for the operation with hydrogen and oxygen, for processing quartz glass. Burner with burner heads made of quartz glass. For highest demands on purity.



Base, needle valves and connection olives made of stainless steel, interchangeable burner head completey made of quartz glass, protection of burner head made of stain-less steel perforated plate, on heavy casted foot with ball joint.



no metallic abrasion

concentrated, homogeneous flame

high heating capacity

low-noise working method

connection glands with thread



Technical data:

Gland diameter for gas 9 mm

Gland diameter for oxygen 6 mm

Pre-pressure gas 1,0 - 1,5 bar

Pre-Pressure oxygen 1,5 - 2,0 bar

Max. gas flow 2,6 m³/h

Max. oxygen flow 1,25 m³/h

Capacity 7,8 kW



Download this manual as PDF-Document.