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Quarzt burner SSQ 141/50

Surface mix

Item number: SSQ 141/50

SQ 141/50 WS             hydrogen, oxygen

SQ 141/50 WS-WK     hydrogen, oxygen, water cooled



Two burner halves, prepared for acceptance of radial adjusted burner heads made of quartz glass, for hydrogen and oxygen, alternatively with 4,6,8,10 or 12 burner heads of each half (type 141/18/60). For the acceptance of burners we recommend the burner holders according to our cat.-no. 141/52



Burner heads made of quartz glass, basic body from stainless steel. Media connections for hydrogen with inner thread of 3/8“ L, for oxygen and cooling water with 1/4“ R inner thread. For protection against re-heating the burners are equipped with an additional heat shield made of heat-resistant special material.



no metallic abrasion

low noise working method

concentrated, homogeneous flame formation

high heating capacity

each burner half with separate connection and control part and

_ metal-hose connection, can be operated from the front side

burner adapted for being mounted on a radial burner

_ support for easy adjustment of burner distance to workpiece


For further details please refer to the table.



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