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Rim forming burner 140/26

Surface mix

Item number: 140/26


140/26 ES      natural gas, oxygen

140/26 PS     propane gas, oxygen

140/26 WS    hydrogen, oxygen



for natural gas and oxygen with round burner head, diameter 18 mm. Burner head housing and burner jets made from stainless steel. Regulating valve made from brass.



noiseless, homogenous flame aspect

high, steady heating capacity

without backfire

very suitable for applications on forming machines


Technical data:

Head diameter: 18 mm

Jet surface: 10 x 10 mm

Number of jets: 9

Total length: 270 mm

Gland diameter gas for hose of size: 9 mm

Gland diameter oxygen for hose of size: 6 mm

Connection thread gas: G 3/8 L

Connection thread oxygen: G 1/4

Gas pre-pressure: 22 - 1000 mbar

Oxygen pre-pressure: 1,5 - 3,0 bar

Max. gas flow: 0,6 m³/h

Max. oxygen flow: 1,1 m³/h

Capacity: 6,0 kW



Download this manual as PDF-Document.