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Spare parts for radial burner 141/50, 141/51-54

Item number: 141/51-54



For distribution of connecting medias made of brass, nickel plated



Central distribution tube dia. 30 mm, length approx. 265 mm

flange clamping piece

2 ball valves for gas and oxygen

2 needle valves 141/009 for gas

2 needle valves 141/006 for oxygen



Ingoing side ( 1 pcs. each)

Gas: ball valve 1/2“ with screwed hose olive 6 mm

Oxygen: ball valve 3/8“ with screwed hose olive 9 mm

Outgoing side (2 pcs. each)

Gas: needle valve 141/009 with outer thread 3/8“ L

Oxygen: needle valve 141/006 with outer thread 1/4“



SS 141/51

Distribution battery for radial burner 141/50; as no. 141/51, however complete made of stainless steel





For radial burners no. 141/50 and SSQ 141/50.

Transport of burners via threaded spindle, granting a smooth radial adjustment of each burner half against each other. Threaded spindle is self-locking.





Spare burner heads completely with needle regulating valves for gas and oxygen





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