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Counter-fire unit 141/21

Surface mix

Item number: 141/21



141/21 ESL    natural gas, oxygen, air

141/21 PSL    propane gas, oxygen, air

141/21 WS    hydrogen, oxygen


Consisting of two low-noise burners, type „Zenit“. Each burner is mounted on a ball joint with stand rod. The burner, which must be operated from the rear side, is steplessly controllable via separate control part. Gas supply from control part to hand torch via metal coated hoses. Control part with mounting angle for fixation at burner support. An optimum burner equipment as flexible basic equipment for glassworking lathes.



low-noise working method

very large, multiple field of application by two separately

_ controllable high-capacity burners

stable, homogeneous flame formation, from needle flame to bushy

_ flame, steplessly variable by one each twisting grip at control part

burner control via ball valves, nearly service-free and resistant to wear

optimum energy yield through intensive ignition of gases

long durability by using high-quality materials and constructional

_ parts - burner head in sturdy execution made of scale resistant stee

connecting glands with thread



In order to guarantee an optimum adustment of burner to workpiece we recommend our radially adjustable burner holder no. 141/23. Furthermore, it will be very helpful to use our heightadjustable burner mount no. 141/19, if the counterfire unit is used on a lathe with a large centre height.


For further details please refer to the table.



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