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Hand burners 114/21-23

Surface mix

Item number: 114/21-23


114/21 PS - Propane gas version

114/22 ES - natural gas version

114/23 WS - hydrogen version



Working method based on the underlying principle of our silent bench burners Zenit. However, burner head and control part are separated. Gas supply from control part to hand torch via flexible DW-proved hoses. (1600 mm)

Control part with mounting angle for fixation at burner support. Ideal burner for reworking borosilicate glass.



silent principles of working

large field of application

stable, homogeneous flame formation, from needle flame to bushy

_ flame, infinitely variable by means of a single twisting grip at the

_ control part

burning control via ball valves

nearly maintenance-free, with low rate of wear

high efficiency because of intensive gas combustion

long durability because of using high-quality materials and

_ components

solid burner head - made of scale-resisting stainless steel

problem-free, easy handling, especially when processing large,

_ complicated workpieces


Technical data:

Head diameter: 40 mm

Gas bore: 8 mm

Total length: 470 mm

Max. flame diameter: 40 mm

Gland diameter gas for hose of size: 9 mm

Gland diameter oxygen for hose of size: 6 mm

Connecting thread gas: G 3/8 LH

Connecting thread oxygen: G 1/4

Gas pre-pressure: 22 mbar

Oxygen pre-pressure: 1,5 bar

Max. gas flow: 2,2 m³/h

Max. oxygen flow: 4,4 m³/h

Capacity: 22,0 kW

Total weight: 5,2 kg

Weight burner head: 1,2 kg



Download this manual as PDF-Document.