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Frontal hand torch 141/8

Frontal hand torch, burner head angled about 45

Item number: 141/8


141/8 ES             natural gas, oxygen, air

141/8 PSL           propane gas, oxygen with air connection

141/8 WS            hydrogen, oxygen

141/8 WS WK      water cooled


Propane gas execution operate with a low amount of additional air in order to avoid the dazzling white flame core. High-capacity burner also suitable for using at glass working lathes.


141/8 WS-WK especially for hydrogen and oxygen. With water-cooled burner head for reworking quartz glass. Especially suitable for the use on glass working lathes.




silent working method

high heating capacity

homogenous flame aspect

large flame range and concentrated heating zone because

_ of separately adjustable middle jet.

burner head, burner plate and jets made of stainless steel


For further details please refer to the table.



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