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Bench Burner Zenit Color Edition

The legendary ZENIT bench burner in 6 fresh colors

Item number: 114 CE

114/1 PSL propane gas, oxygen, air

114/2 ESL natural gas, oxygen, air

114/3 WS hydrogen, oxygen


Available in 6 colors: red, orange, greeen, blue, yellow and pink


Noiseless bench burner, for gas and oxygen, burners for natural gas and propane with special flame stabilization on system allowing to operate the burner even with a surplus of air and thus with a cooler flame - mounted on solid cast iron foot with ball joint. The option mum burners for processing borosilicate glass, in the execution for hydrogen and oxygen (WS) for processing quartz glass.



noiseless working method

large field of application

stable, homogeneous flame aspect from sharp, concentrated

pin-point flame to intensive flame, continuously adjustable

by single twist grip

burner control via ball valves, maintenance free and resistant

to wear

high efficiancy through intensive combustion of the gases

long lasting by using high-quality materials and components

burner head solid made from nonscaling stainless steel

connection glass with thread



Stop valve for gas at burner body

Air regulation possible by means of needle valve

improved pin-point flame


For more details please note the added table.