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Bench burner „Thueringian model“ 101/4 PSL

Surface mix

Item number: 101/4


PSL - propane, oxygen, air


With three interchangeable jets for varying flames. The burners are equipped with a special flame stabilizing system, that means, they could also be operated with a high air proportion for cooling the flames. The burners are mounted on a cast iron foot with ball joint. Burners for propane gas with needle valve.


As cat. - no. 101, however in vertical execution



Bench burner 101/4 PSL

Item number: 101/4 PSL

Bench burner, surface mix „Thueringian model“ - PSL - propane, oxygen, air




very good flame adjustment from pin-point flame to large

_ bushy flame

operation either with gas and oxygen or gas and air with slight

_ addition of oxygen for flame stabilization


The following spares are obtainable

sleeve tube with stabilization

complete mixing tube with tap cock for air and

_ needle valve for oxygen

cast iron foot with ball joint

single-hole burner jets with standard borings

1 set multiple hole burner jets made of stainless

_ steel (special execution) for noise-reduced

_ working method in case of an operation with gas

_ and oxygen only, resp. if worked with burner no.

_ 100 ESL/PSL for an especially fine pin-point flame

_ with ceramic insert.




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