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Bead burner „ARNI“

Surface mix

Item number: 126/12

ES    natural gas, oxygen

PS    propane gas, oxygen


This burner is especially conceived for making beads and small art articles made of glass. Due to an exact flame adjustment, even high-quality detail works can be realised. The burner is standard equipped with structure checked regulating valves for gas and oxygen.Due to the kind of building in separate gas execution, this burner is safe against backflash.



Sharp, concentrated, homogenous flame

Separate gas system safe against backflash

Regulating valves checked on structure, which allows a very fine

_ working method

Noiseless working method

Delivery complete with cast foot with integrated ball-and-socket-joint,

_ which guarantees a safe stand and an individual adjustment of

_ the burner.


Technical Details


Head diameter20 mm
Jet-ring diameter6.6 mm
Gland dia. for gas for Hose6 mm
Gland dia. for O2 for Hose6 mm
Pre-pressure gas22 mbar
Pre-pressure O20,5 – 1,0 bar
Weight1.25 kg

Download this manual as PDF-Document.