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Glassblowers glasses

Glassblowers glasses 114/elegant-UV-Protect

The first glassblower’s glasses which can be referred to as safety glasses.

Item number: 114/elegant-UV-Protect

Safety glasses for glassblowers according to DIN EN 166, 177:2002, annex II of the PSA-guidelines 89/686/EWG.


Due to an innovative didymium filter glass, these glasses provide next to the already known protection against sodium radiation, an additional protection against the damaging UV- and infrared radiation.


Filter effect for UV-protective filter: Protection level 2 – 4

Filter effect for IR-protective filter: Protection level 4 – 4



The light transmission for daylight amounts to less then 10%. Please ensure a sufficient lighting of the work area. The laterals of the glasses do not have any filter effect, the glasses can only protect against direct optical radiation.



Download this manual as PDF-Document.