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Solar thermics


Arnold production technology for solar thermal power plants

and heating systems


Through parabolic channel collectors (PCC-modules) the beams of light are focussed on central lying absorber tubes. Within these tubes the concentrated solar power (CSP) is converted into heat which is passed on to a circulating heat transfer medium.
As the operation temperature within these plants is very high, between 200 and 500° C, one generally uses a synthetic thermal oil or molten salt as a circulating working fluid.

We can offer you a wide range of specialized machines and manufacturing plants for thermal glass processing, for the partial or fully automatic production of absorber tubes, vacuum tubes or receiver tubes to be used in solar thermal power units as described above as well as for the solar thermal water preparation in heating systems.

As a result of our long-standing expertise in modern glass processing, we can supply you with the whole range of machines for tube processing as such as

glass-cracking machines for the precise cutting of tubes

automatic lathes for glass-metal connections for the preparation

of pipe flanges

glass-glass melting-lines for complete receiver cladding tubes
tube assembly machines for the attaching of the connecting piece

(pump tube) for the subsequent evacuation of the tube


Our competence in thermal glass machine building is complemented to an optimum through our long standing experiences in the development of specialized burners and gas control systems for various sealing processes and our know-how in the building of partial or fully automatic production-lines.

We plan, design and construct our machines and equipment exactly to fit your production and procedural- requirements. Our aim is to optimize your production process.

Our power plants are currently situated at diverse production sites in Europe and the USA.

Please feel free to contact us, so we can determine your desired specifications.

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