ARNOLD customer satisfaction 2012

We asked you some time ago to take part in our customer’s satisfaction analysis 2012 themed “Your opinion has our top priority”. Now this action has been closed and we were very glad to receive plenty of responses. We like to thank you very much for spending time on filling in the questionnaire and sending it back to us.




Which results and findings are taken from your feedback?



The overall estimation of our customers regarding their satisfaction with company Arnold – according school grades – is 1.64. We thank you very much for the generally positive assessment. On the one hand this is the confirmation for our work and on the other hand it is a stimulation not to slow down our efforts concerning further optimization of our products and processes.




The question, what is especially important for you in view of the co-operation with company Arnold showed the following result:



1. First of all we are compared on our products, that means the price performance ratio of our products must meet your demand and of course fulfil your requested requirements.

2. Our customers estimate the personal support, that means the contact person is quickly available and flexible in view of special requests as well as open and honest in case of any problems.

3. Is our customer service import for you, starting from smooth handover of the delivered machine to your production up to quick and competent reaction at service requirement?



We will continue to live up your expectations and to meet your requests in this regard. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if we do not meet your expectations.

In addition, we have received many special advices for further improvements of our products and efforts – we will look into them in detail – and if possible – realize them as soon as possible. Our employees will keep you updated.

In the end: Winner of the i-PAD is Mr. Santsch, Metroglas AG, Switzerland. Congratulations. Once more we like to thank you and all participants at our questioning for your important feedback