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Control engineering

Quality data documentation/Type administration/Job management/

Central plant visualization

Quality data documentation

Quality-data documentation is an inherent part of today’s production sites. It serves the purpose of traceability as well as continuous process improvement within the running production. Our quality data documentation system (QDS) enables the recording, analysis and archiving of production data. The application can be run under the common operating system WINDOWS on any PC. The QDS system is adapted to the respective demands and therefore enables targeted data documentation for individual procedures.

The QDS system offers the customer a user-friendly display of transactions and graphics, as well as an easy and efficient analysis option. The integrated evaluation of the production data in real-time allows a quick recognition of error bursts during production process and as a result a targeted and immediate initiation of measures. This transparency ensures to a higher availability, a reduction of production errors within the manufacturing-plant and consequently a more cost-efficient operation.

Type administration

The type administration is an independent software module for the administration of complete device-lists. The individual parts are deposited via a central ordering code. These can be retrieved and provided for the production process, f.i. as process text display. The data content is adjusted to fit the individual requirements of the respective application.

Production management

The production management enables a central submission of production orders. It coordinates the distribution to the different pre-assembly processes and administrates the execution of batch sizes in the manufacturing. The production management allows a submission of up to 4 follow-up jobs.

Central plant visualization

The central plant visualization displays the production data and / or system status in real-time. This provides at all times a fast summary of all relevant data and system states.