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Assembly systems

We can optimize the efficiency of your production

The foundation of our concept is an easy to operate machine, which is as flexible and adaptable as possible, so that future products can also be assembled. Our offered spectrum ranges from components (which can be integrated into existing assembly lines), over single stations (as a closed process) up to linked lines for versatile tasks in the automobile manufacture as well as in the glassworking or photovoltaic industry, as for example:


Assembly systems in the aggregate and chassis fitting

Montagesysteme in der Aggregate- und Fahrwerksmontage

Handhabungsanlagen in der Gießereitechnik

Be- und Entladung von Glasverarbeitungsmaschinen

Komplettsysteme für die Siliziumblockfertigung

Automatisierte Kabelkonfektionierung



We can optimize the efficiency of your production.

The necessary degree of automation is adapted to fit the individual needs of each customer and is dependent on site location, investment costs, production times, cycle times and any other customer specific conditions.


For the following assembly processes we can show you references:


Joining (for example brake callipers, ABS sensors, wheel support…)


Handling (f.i. components, pallets, thermoforming)

Measuring (f.i.Torsional moment, forces, paths)

Controlling (f.i. ABS sensors)

Pressing, with and without force management (Hydraulic. With electric spindle)

Filling (f.i. dampers)

Applying (f.i. fat, oil, liquid sealants)

Branding (Ink-jet printing, labelling)

Assembly of limp parts (cable assembly)

Transportation (see transport systems)


According to customers demands, all necessary quality data are documented and saved (see control engineering).  Within our assignments we have so far integrated over 120 robots in the assembly technology, especially 6-arm articulated robots of the brand types ABB and KUKA.