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Transport systems

Our product range is based on two transport systems

Accumulating roller conveyors

All of our supplied systems have been proven to be effective for the last years and fulfil the customers demands for a 3-shift-operation: “smooth” transport – day in and day out.


We offer you for your workpiece transport, the optimal system, composed of the band system and the corresponding workpiece carrier.


Accumulating roller conveyors

Maintenance free

Self lubricating

Cost effective standard systems

Variable tracks

Variable band speed

Variable band height


Our product range is based on two transport systems, which operate according to the roller conveyor principle. Both systems are maintenance free and do not require any additional lubrication, due to the material combination.

The inevitable elongation of the chain is balanced via an automatic clamping mechanism and enables at the same time a constant chain tension. In both systems pulling strand and idle strand of the chain are integrated in the profile, they vary solely in their loading capacity.




is a bilateral driven transport system for larger loads. The middle covers are accessible and designed for different track widths.

As an option the cover can be complemented by a lateral covering, in which the electrical and pneumatic wires are situated. The transport height amounts 350 mm, which enables an easy surpassing of the transport belt.



is a variably configurable band system for many applications. This model is available as either a unilateral or bilateral driven transport system, depending on application. Due to its low constructional height, this system is suitable for two-storeyed applications, with the processing of the workpieces on the upper and a back haul on the lower band. The modular concepts of both systems enable an easy and cost-effective adaptation to the individual customers requests, particularly regarding transport speed, track width and band height.