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Gripping systems

Robot applications/robotic grippers/handling technique

Robots are deployed in many areas of operation, especially in areas which are to dangerous for humans or not economical. Due to their versatility and their reliability Arnold does not solely use robots in these areas, but also for the handling of workpieces or tools. The advantages for our customers are next to the cost reduction also the achieved cycle times. We can supply customized solutions tailored to fit each clients demands, depending on your request, up to the point of launching a completely finished total system “robots”, integrated into external machines and controllers.


Our experiences in this area are versatile and have been proven to be effective in the rough world of the automotive industry, as well as in the 3-shift-operation in foundries. From the almost infinite possibilities we can only show a few examples of our implemented systems so far:


Robotic tooling for assembly and workpiece machining


Pressing in the hand of the robot

Screw tools, also multi-axle with stitch adjustment

Loading and unloading of processing machines

Fully automatic assembly of valve keys within the cylinder head



Robotic gripping for individual handling tasks


Sand cores for cast parts

Combustion engines

Automobile axle components

Valve discs for automobile axle dampers

Cable harnesses

Glass tubes for pipettes

Glass sheets

Silicon blocks


The field of application are diverse and vary strongly depending on the individual customers surroundings. The possibilities are examined in close consultation with our customer and subsequently realised.