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Photovoltaic / Silicon

Poly-silicon processing

Arnold is machine & equipment producer for semi-conductor poly Si processing since 1983. We are specialized for grinding technology, cutting technology, drilling technology and automised solution.   Grinding applications like for example: rod preparation for float zone process, filament end processing (groove, cone …), OD-grinding to target diameter, OD-grinding geometric centreline acc. to crystal centreline.   Cutting applications with Outer Diameter blades (OD) or band saw cutting like for example: U-rod cropping, Rod cutting into filaments, Filament cutting into specified length.   Drilling applications like for example: seed production, rod quality control, filament end processing

NC 559/200

The machine is suitable for automatic grinding of cone and croove for preperation of poly crystal rod for flot zone processing. The work piece length of 500 up to 3000 mm with are maximal diamater from 200mm can be processed. The grinding length is between 500 and 1000mm.

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